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The concept of the restaurant is based in the crucible of the cuisine of southern Europe and Colombian cuisine where the chef Andrés Hoyos has had professional development and culinary origin. The preparation of the dishes will be held in the selection of the best eating raw materials and imported from Colombia and which highlights above all the quality of fresh produce and DO (designation of origin). The restaurant works closely with farmers and small producers to develop a sustainable market to have high quality food.

The dishes have two very important features to highlight as they are made ​​with lots of vegetables and seafood, these two are fundamental factors in the cuisine of Latin American and Europe the concept of evolving BOHEMIA restaurant kitchen is making a pot between these two cultures and develop a new concept of "evolving kitchen."

"The great simplicity of our cuisine implemented and respected traditional and homemade cooking methods, combined with new cooking techniques to help highlight the high quality of each product and respecting its nature," says the Chef.

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